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2nd January 2018 Cancer Full Moon - 2020 Holistic Health

Cancer Full Moon

Self Mastery

The ancient world practiced Nature cure, their activities were directed by the cycles and seasons, thus their mind body spirits were acclimatized to the subtle cosmic vibrations which supported wellbeing. Emotional Equilibrium is mastered as the Sun & Moon conduct their daily dance in the sky.

In Nature, the Moon rules over the Water element and creates a state of flux deep beneath the oceans, influencing tides, and the weather.  Similarly, animal and Human behaviour is susceptible to these subtle energies which unsettle the psyche and challenge our mood,

The first Full moon of the year arises in the constellation of Cancer, the water loving and sensitive crab, setting the emotional ‘tone’ over the next few days. What events evolved over the festive celebrations? Are we grieving loss or celebrating Love? The Lunar spotlight draws attention upon Family matters, which take priority, but be sure to gather all pieces of a fragmented story before deciding upon action – Mercury in retrograde causes communication havoc, including misinterpretations of the truth.

Tonights super moon heightens our sensitivity, arousing old wounds beneath the skin – what area of your life have you neglected? Which wounds are still feeling sore? What aspect of self enquiry requires exploration?

The positive nature of Cancer is kindness and care, a will to offer comfort. The opposite nature  is over protection, immaturity and hyper sensitivity – people tend to withdraw into their comfort zone, unable to handle the circumstances presented. It requires courage to challenge a situation, and a desire to transform repetitive patterns that manifest as emotional tides.

The danger of internalising unhealthy emotions means nothing changes.

The Moon targets the Hara or the Manipura Chakra (solar plexus) disturbing it’s peace, questioning our sense of contentment, generosity and satisfaction in life. When was the last time you listened to your intuition? What do you desire in life, have you set our intention for 2018? There are 13 Full moons this year – each with its unique vibration influencing our story.

Unresolved emotions transform into dark matter magnetically drawn to the area’s of the body ruled by Cancer – the breasts, stomach, womb and liver. Each has it’s unique nature of expression (liver – anger / frustration, Stomach – worry or apathy, Breasts – need to feel loved and accepted).

Observations on a full moon:

  • Rain! Weather storms.
  • Heightened sensitivity and behavior changes, addiction patterns
  • Unusual emotional outbursts, headaches, migraines
  • Avoid surgery as blood and lymph is at it’s most fluid, and more likely to bleed.
  • The Moon influences the menstrual cycle, therefore one may experience a heavier flow.
  • High risk of conceiving if ovulating
  • Cancer Full Moon influences the womb, breasts, stomach, and cleansing (of blood), these area’s are prone to inflammation, pain, congestion, stagnation and discomfort.
  • Birth & labor are easier after a full moon

Techniques to consider on a full moon

  • Typically, a Full Moon day invites fasting – a time of natural cleanse
  • Try 3 day castor oil packing on area’s of congestion or inflammation. Edgar Cayce advocated the use of castor oil, to support the body in it’s attempt to achieve cleansing.
  • Practice Pranayama, or introspection which transforms negative emotions. These are often difficult to practice when emotions tides are at their highest.
  • The application of naturopathic medicine, healing herbs, poultices and oils to aid the healing process under guidance of experienced practitioners who exemplify living in tune with the natural cycles.

Nature always provides the prescription for healing. Success depends on whether you work with or against the natural flow.

The New Moon arrives on 17th January, easing the tension and settling emotions, making peace with ourselves and shadow side – providing a platform to set our intentions and goals for 2018.

However, the month ends with a second full Moon – the eclipsed BLUE MOON in the constellation of LEO on 31st January – offers an opportunity to practice forgiveness at a time when we often refuse to accept circumstances. Surrender to the  cosmic orchestra which unites life through an invisible thread, detangle emotional knots and jarred thought processes, to experience the ultimate connection with infinite Nature, and Self Mastery this year.

Through my experience of observing the patterns of Nature over the last two decades, and abiding to the lunar and seasonal cycles,  I have learned to respect and accept the gifts of healing Nature presents.

Lunar Sutra Blessings,

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