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31st January 2018 LEO BLUE MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE - 2020 Holistic Health

Once in a Blue Moon

The Blue Moon this month invites us to get to the Heart of the matter. How would you write the story of your love life over the last cycle of 18 years? Have you learned to Love thyself and thy neighbour? Have you evolved as a lover or do you keep repeating the same patterns expecting a different result?

Nature moves in predictable patterns – the sun and moon set the timeline, the stars form patterns in the cosmos, projecting their influence on Earth, where performances gradually crescendo with the light of the Full Moon influencing our emotional tides. Throughout history stories illustrate the most desired treasure of all, LOVE. From Romeo & Juliet, Layla & Majnun, Cleopatra & Anthony, Sir Lancelot & Queen Guinevere, Odysseus & Penelope.

This full moon arises in LEO, The Lion Heart, questioning our love affair with life and a cosmic opportunity to heal our Hearts and expand our capacity for Love.  Once in a Blue Moon we get a chance to fulfil a desire, what arouses the passion in your Heart?

Two individuals sit opposite one another in a dimly lit café ordering dinner. After the order is placed they sit in silence, gazing into the distance like two opposing nodes.  Has togetherness exhausted the love between these two souls? Or has love weathered the storms and transformed itself – the silence echoes victory of Love. An entire story can be communicated through subtle changes to their body and eyes.


The LEO Eclipse forces us to resolve buried pain – where do you feel pain? What is the body asking you to revisit or forgive? The Moon sets the emotional tone, stories begin to surface as energy in the form of emotional memories flow through meridian channels – wherever they become lodged evokes a physical or psychological response.


Worry resides in the stomach, and surfaces as anxiety. Grief held in the lungs and intestines will surface as symptoms of breathlessness or inability to assimilate emotions. Fear resides in the kidney’s, symptoms are often felt in the lower back and legs (sciatica). Anger resides in the liver as repressed emotions and frustration, or inability to express creativity and surface as headaches or one sided pain. This Full Moon targets the treasure chamber – the Heart – piercing through joy into the echoes of yesterdays sorrow –  what were the stories that robbed the Heart of it’s passion? How do we begin to re-ignite this flame?

Techniques to support Healing

  • Give yourself permission to enter a dialogue with yourself. Acknowledge the emotions that rise to the surface, but try not to react to the emotional turbulence. Find a creative solution – chanting, painting, singing, dancing. Practice forgiveness and gratitude.
  • Observe a fast of rice and lentils, or vegetable & grain for 3 days – this ‘free’s up’ energy and allows the body to spend it’s currency (ATP) on healing.
  • Apply Castor oil to area’s of congestion during this period, in particular the abdomen and lower back (adrenals). Castor oil provides the full spectrum of light, supporting the healing process and transformation.
  • Managing the movement of toxicity through movement, such as walking, running, swimming, yoga, tai chi, dance – treat yourself to a spa or deep tissue massage.
  • Support physiology: Magnesium citrate 400mg, Zinc 5mg. Coenzyme Q10 (heart health). For inflammation take Vitamin D3 400IU or a good source of Flax Oil + lecithin. Nourishing herbal tea preparations.
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The path of healing requires us to pursue the stories that emerge out of these emotional roots. Over the next three days We are invited first to anchor the Moon Mind casting shadows and doubts on the aspects of our life where we have lost our connection with Love, and then Gather the courage of a Lion, open your Heart to a deeper Love to write a new story of interconnection with life.

Rumi reminds us ‘The task is not to seek Love, But merely break down the barriers within yourself that you have built against it’

Lunar Sutra Blessings,

Gee Gahir

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