Becoming Bionic

‘Becoming Bionic ‘

From ‘bad hip’ to ‘becoming bionic’, how holistic health intervention improved my surgery outcomes & overall postural wellbeing.  

‘Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.’ (Siddhartha, 563-483BC)

Have you been diagnosed with OA or suffer from musculoskeletal issues? Have you received steroid injections and has the pain returned? Are you preparing for hip or knee surgery and want to enhance your recovery time and outcomes?

Becoming Bionic is not about being super human, but an invitation to access the potential within oneself despite the limitations imposed by physical inhibitions following surgical prosthetic intervention such as total Hip replacement (THR) or pain from arthritic conditions.

How Holistic Health interventions helped me regain health. 

I have been exposed to numerous surgeries and postural rehabilitation programs during childhood to correct congenital hip dysplasia. Thanks to medical intervention in the 1970’s I have led a healthy and fulfilling life until I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip in my early thirties. Luckily private medical insurance enabled quick access to physiotherapy, which provided temporary relief. However, I noticed how treatment focused purely on the hip joint and did not take into consideration referred pain from the hip which interfered with my overall postural alignment. As a qualified Naturopathic practitioner, I knew that the body always does everything it can to protect it’s survival. The skeletal architecture realigns itself as a defence against pain thereby compromising another part of the body. For example, instinctively I protected my arthritic hip, which led to inflammation of the opposite knee and ankle.

What are the stats?

Musculoskeletal problems contribute to over 100,000 GP consultations every day. More than 6 million people have chronic back pain, 3 million have osteoporosis and 8.75 million people have sought treatment for osteoarthritis in the UK (ONS).

What treatments are available?

The first line treatment for these conditions are, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which provide temporary relief. Over time health deteriorates requiring more aggressive treatments. Movement or therapeutic exercise is essential to enhance the healing process. I decided to explore natural sources of pain relief before embarking on more aggressive treatments.

My Objectives:

1. To reduce pain and inflammation (grade 2/3 osteoarthritis) and improve my current QOL
2. To improve functionality of my osteoarthritic hip and preserve it’s longevity before opting for total hip surgery.

What did I do?

Pain has a way of re-evaluating and prioritising health. I made the decision to participate in my recovery by integrating Lifestyle adjustments. Tai-Chi and Qigong helped return fluidity & Flexibility into my movement. My nutritional background helped me introduce a seasonal, whole food based, anti-inflammatory dietary plan to support the physiological healing process, yoga therapy for stress prevention and acupressure or meridian massage (Shiatsu) as a form of pain relief.

What were my outcomes?

For management of osteoarthritis, I was walking pain free within 3 months of integrating a healthier lifestyle program. With constant perseverance, discipline and integration of various complimentary therapies enabled me to experience 10 years of pain free mobility without the need of surgical intervention. My results and recovery are a testimony to anyone seeking non-pharmaceutical pain relief from osteoarthritis.

The nature of CHD is that inevitably there comes a time when total hip replacement is required. Practicing yoga, training my muscles, maintaining a healthy diet meant that recovery was quick.

Benefits of adopting a holistic health care plan  as an adjunct. 

  • Experience less pain, less amount of medication
  • Decrease swelling
  • Enhance immunity reducing risk of infection
  • Accelerate recovery by improving your level of health before surgery
  • Minimise scarring
  • Eleviate fear, worry and anxiety related to surgery by relaxation techniques
  • Retain life skills to enhance quality of life , increase positive outlook
  • Improve energy levels and wellbeing , greater quality of life
  • Build core strength and flexibility
  • Embrace your new BIONIC hip and restore balance and coordination
  • Improve pelvic alignment and stability, thereby reducing gait
  • Protect longevity of your new prosthesis

My own journey through recovery has been remarkable, perhaps I have been fortunate in my quest to access non conventional treatments as tools of empowerment to lead an enhanced quality of wellbeing.  My story is my own testimony.

Preventative measures and early intervention are better than cure.

2020 Holistic Health was inspired through my journey to health and restoration. The lifestyle approach advocated by an integration of complimentary therapies seasonally can be used as an adjunct to NHS treatments. 

This website provides effective non-pharmacological and naturopathic advice to those seeking healthier lifestyle choices or to manage musculoskeletal pain as a result of cartilage degeneration, wear or tear, injury or through repetitive motion that impacts postural wellbeing.  2020 Holistic Health provides healthy lifestyle advice to prevent these conditions from arising in the first place, and to protect the longevity of our skeletal health.

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Have you been inspired by my story of ‘Becoming Bionic’?

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