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FENG SHUI: MODULE A - 2020 Holistic Health


Introduction to Imperial Chue Style Feng Shui

Imperial Chue Style Feng Shui follows the teachings from Grand Master Chan Kun Wah.*

Feng Shui is typically viewed as interior design by western analogy, but in the East it is considered much more than rearranging furniture. Feng Shui is the oriental science of creating healthy, vibrant and balanced spaces. People who live and work in such environments lead happier and healthier lives. Today Feng Shui has become fashionable for interior designers, architectural projects and city development.

The introductory weekend explores a history of the traditional Chue lineage and provides essential Feng Shui principles;

This introductory course challenges the way you use space and empowers you with basic Feng Shui for modern day living. 

Whether it’s enhancing your Spring Clean, home improvements or inviting harmonious flow into your enviornment, this course equips you with the practical application of Feng Shui, including environmental energy alignment, dispersing geopathic stress and understanding common misconceptions about this ancient technique.  

Gee shares her experience of applying this ancient wisdom and offers an opportunity for you to ask questions about Feng Shui or enhancing luck during the year of the Earth Dog. 



Course Outline:

  • Ying and Yang

  • The Five Elements
  • The Celestial Animals Form – personalities
  • The Lo-shu numbers
  • The Trigrams
  • The Early Heaven and Late Heaven Sequence
  • Year and Month Flying Star

    At the end of this Module, attendees will receive a Chue Style Certificate of Attendance. This forms the basis upon which all further modules and studies take place for those interested in taking a deeper dive into this ancient practice.  

SUITABILITY:Anyone curious about Feng Shui, or keen to learn about the application of Feng Shui at home, environmental design, landscaping, architecture or interior design. Please refer to our dedicated Feng Shui Site for further information www.fengshuiyogini.com

Next course: March 24th & 25th 2018

Venue: Covent Garden, London

Book before March 10th to take advantge of the Early bird rate of £210 (thereafter full fee £235)



Visit our dedicated site www.fengshuiyogini.com

The Imperial Chue Style Feng Shui follows the traditional lineage teachings of the Imperial Courts from Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. Studies conducted on geo-pathological stress have shown evidence of the relationship between people’s well being and the natural energies. While negative energy can adversely affect the nervous system, the genetic code and the immune system, positive energy can sustain our well being, enhance our ability to counteract stressful situations and increase our potential to succeed. Properly applied, Feng Shui creates harmonious environments fit for their use & purpose.https://www.chuefoundation.org/




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