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FENG SHUI: MODULE B - 2020 Holistic Health


Module Imperial Chue Style Feng Shui Module B

This 8 day immersion is the “Foundation Course in Chue Style Feng Shui”.

Please visit our dedicated Feng Shui site www.fengshuiyogini.com

This course deepens, expands and reinforces the concepts covered in Module A and introduces the framework for traditional Feng Shui. The authenticity of the Chue Lineage is protected through traditional teaching methods by qualified practicing Chue teachers who have completed the required training and authorised by the Grand Master. Gee reveals insights of this ancient mastery deeply rooted in Taoism and developed 5000 years ago. The magic and mystical wisdom lost in translation whilst introducing it to the West. Module B introduces the basic Chinese characters required to practice traditional form of Feng Shui. 

Next Module B training AUTUMN 2018 

The Foundation course includes:

  • Early and Late Heaven Trigrams
  • Sang Sit Form Strategy
  • The 9 Jiu Stars
  • Ba Chop 8 Mansion (Early Heaven and Late Heaven)
  • Introduction to Chinese Characters (stems and branches) Twenty Four Mountain
  • Form – internal and external
  • Grand Master Young’s 9 Curses
  • Sam Yuen Flying Star
  • Yuen Hom 8 fate Flying Star
  • Stems & Branches; the 60 year cycle





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