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Are you looking to reinvigorate your meal plans with healthier options? Or perhaps you’d like to explore a plant based diet but don’t know where to begin? Are you fed up of quick fix diets and confused with the amount of information on the web? Do you want to simplify and enjoy good food without worrying about counting calories?

If you love food, then Gee’s Healthy Living Kitchen will teach you how to curb those 11am coffee & sugar cravings, and 3pm energy drains and maintain health naturally. It’s common knowledge that stressed lifestyles, poor eating habits, eating on the go cause Inflammation, poor digestion and toxicity – all which are the primary cause of dis-ease in the body. Gee advocates Seasonally inspired whole food recipes – as nature intended, with the additional benefits of reconnecting with the natural biorhythms to balance the human body clock, promoting healing from the inside out.

A vegetarian for all her life, Gee knows exactly how to combine and balance nutirtion for those keen on living a cleaner diet. As well as reaping the benefits of saesonally inspired lifestyle, you will also feel empowered with useful naturopathic tools and traditional healing recipes from Gee’s Medicinal Cauldron!  Prepare for your taste buds to come alive with the flavours and aromas of delicious seasonal vegan and vegetarian recipes using natural whole food, herbs and spices.

Whether you’re just beginning to eat clean or you’re looking for healthier choices – Gee’s healthy living kitchen is loaded with fun, empowerment & health benefits. 

‘Nutrition is not just about macro & micro nutrients, in the HLK we learn how to maintain equilibrium and preserve health and longevity by discovering the energetic nature of seasonal food, it’s flavours, colours and chemistry in accelerating healing.’


“I loved hosting this class! From start to finish it was easy and fun to arrange. Gee made the session fun, interesting and tailored for the guests invited. She made everyone feel really welcome, comfortable and heard. Everyone was encourage to participate in the cooking. Gee made it clear was each ingredient was and why we were using it – how the body uses it and is nourished by it. Each guest came away with a new love of food. Highly recommended!”

Jennifer Liffe – Founder of thetortoisehaus.com

“I recently attended  the Autumn Seasonal Kitchen workshop which focused on what foods are best for the Autumn season and what to avoid. I learned so much more than I expected. I tried ingredients and spices  best for Autumn that I have never cooked with and was amazed by the flavours and the beautiful smells. The workshop is organised to perfection with a lot of content and I definitely recommend for people to take notes so that they can refer to them later. I have learned what my body needs to feel happy and nourished during the Autumn season and cannot wait to do the Winter session.”

Vessy Zlatavera – Power Plates Instructor


‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’

Summer (June – August): Do you love Summer? or are does it make your body & mind feel heavy, immobile? Whilst sunworshippers paint their skin with the golden rays, some of us prefer to stay cool in the shade. The seasonally inspired Summer kitchen with Gee explores th erelationship between Fire & Water elements. Learn to address the common imbalances of too much Heat (Fire element) or Earth ( heaviness, dampness) in the body by using foods that cool, hydrate and balance the physiology of your constitution. Understand the relationship between the bittersweet flavour, Summer and our ability to feel Joy. 

Autumn (September – November): Do you suffer with joint pain or osteoarthritis? Have you noticed your skin flare at ceratin times of the year? How does Autumn feel for you emotionally? Every season has it’s own story, Autumn is the time to let go of what no longer serves our purpose. Sorrow, greif and the desire for belonging or to know our purpose are common themes. Gee celebrates the Autumn Harvest and explores how the flavours of this season and the recipes are designed to support the energetic shift, Autumn detox and prepare the immune system for Winter.

Winter (Dec – Feb): Are you someone that plans the great escape away from the Winter, or do find comfort with the short days and long nights? Does your energy fail to serve you? Many people suffer with signs of adrenal exahustion not knowing exactly how to manage recovery. Winter inspired workshops with Gee introduces the concept of preparing food that delivers ‘sunlight’ to the body. We look at supporting Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression associated with the lack of sunlight through whole food, carefully selected herbs and the medicinal role of winter spices. Understand how the salty (minerals) flavour plays in nourishing the Bones and restoring adrenal health. The importance of respite and slowing down, Gee tecahes the importance of mindfullness and meditation techniques to help you reach the state of Zen. Delicious winter recipes which address the bioavailability of foods that are rich source of good fat so we can feel the warmth of the summer in the midst of winter.

Spring (March – May): Nature invites us to get into shape after the deep sleep of Winter, it’s time to focus on detox and cleanse as Nature’s energy shifts gear from a restful state (winter) to fifth gear (fast lane!). Do you find your energy levels fluctuate in Spring? or are you full of beans? Does your skin feel dry? irritated? Do you suffer with digestive issues, belching, headcahes, anxiety, aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, restless mind? These are classic signs of Spring in the body, each providing a unique pattern of energetic expression as it moves through our system. In her spring inspired kitchen Gee introduces step by step approach to detox, preparation and post- detox management, alkalising diets, juicing and the secrets of wheatgrass & sprouting. Naturopathic techniques are introduced to support manage the movement of toxicity through the body, helping you to understand the emotions and cravings that arise. 

Sesaonal herbs & spices are specially selected by Gee to seduce the palate and reinvigorate the Heart Chakra.


Eating with the seasons and adapting healthier lifestyle improves vitality and energy stores, helps create healthy eating patterns to serve emotional wellbeing, prevent chromic disease, clear adverse habits and add quality to your years.

Restores connection between internal body clock and natural rhythms.

Why Seasonal?

Makes use of fresh, whole, seasonal foods eaten around the time of harvest which provide the greatest vitality and medicinal qualities to maintain health.

Least amount of chemical treatment for bug protection & storage.

Allows the body to get into sync with the seasons through the various recipes made.

Suitable for

  • Anyone who enjoys food and has an interest in living healthier lifestyles.
  • Friends & family seeking to introduce healthier lifestyle choices
  • Pre or post surgery restorative plans
  • Recovery from stress or adrenal fatigue.
  • Anyone seeking peer support, motivation and practical cookery tips, meal plans on achieving your health goals.


  • Eating to beat the effects of stress (supporting digestion, adrenal & hormonal health).
  • Women’s health – Menstral cycle – a complete journey balanicng the body clock from puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Bone health – supporting joint problems & osteoarthritis through anti- inflammatory and alkalising diet.
  • A-Z of detox, how to manage the movement of toxicity and what to eat post detox to avoid cravings and auto intoxication.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits – the seasons finest healing recipes to balance the body clock.


Gee provides personalised cookery demonstrations (lunch or dinner), with seasonal fresh ingredients , tailored to your requirements (choice of several packages). Everyone joins in to create delicious meal to share and enjoy.Whilst savouring the spices, you have an opportunity to discuss nutritional/dietary advice and sample Acuyoga relaxation class to aid digestion.

  1. Educational: Understand the medicinal use of food, herbs and spices.
  2. Empowerment: about the function of pH, temperature, hydration and light (oils) in achieving health.
  3. Satisfaction: Understand the patterns between food cravings and mood – how do taste buds communicate emotional needs?

Nutritious seasonally inspired vegan/vegetarian meal plans, from breakfast to dinner, juices & lunch box ideas.

Specialised diets – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free recipes catered for.

Restore the gift of health and wellness and treat yourself or a special friend to Gee’s Healthy Living Kitchen.





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