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NEW YEAR BLUES - 2020 Holistic Health

As much of the world prepares for New Years celebrations, many of us are left not really feeling the excitement that a New Year should bring forth. You are not alone! The affects of seasonal affective syndrome at this time of year is common and usually depletes our energy resources. So what do you do when you’re not in the mood to flow with the New Year celebrations and want to break away form the status quo? Well, you can always opt to follow the Natural Seasonal rhythms instead.

It doesn’t take a New Year to celebrate or create happy memories – every moment offers the potential of a new beginning. This time of year causes much distress and conflict with high expectations demanded at a time when Nature actually requests the opposite of action – REST.

In fact, we are in the midst of Winter, following the Winter Solstice on 21st December, the shortest day of the year, when nature dims her light and invites us to REST, DREAM, NOURISH,  RENEW. It’s a natural time of year to retreat and contemplate. Although the days have begun to get longer, it’s not until Early March when we feel Spring’s arrival.

In addition, the Cancerian Full Moon on 2nd Jan invites a certain degree of sensitivity at home and matters of the Heart. If you are easily influenced by the full moon you may feel overly sensitive or emotional without realising why. The next two weeks sets the tone of removing the cobwebs from our personal relationships that no longer serve our Heart Center, before we can invite the potential of what 2018 promises. The natural time to plan New Year resolutions takes shape around the NEW MOON on January 17th, but before then, it’s time to contemplate on what is important to your own self development.

2018 is about SELF MASTERY. What part of the self requires work or attention?

  1. REFLECTION – what moments created happy memories this year? What lessons did you learn? Which opportunities blossomed? What key area’s of your life were transformed?
  2. Give GRATITUDE to the circumstances, opportunities and challenges that greeted you through 2017, whether disguised as health, career, finance or relationships.
  3. LET GO – of what no longer serves you or holds you back from pursuing your potential. This can be a challenging process. I find supporting the mind body spirit and heart by providing a nourishing environment – take time for massages with aromatherapy oils, eat delicious homemade soups and casseroles which satisfy you, practice quiet meditation, and adopt gentle yin yoga or tai chi as movement techniques. This is not the time for detoxes, diet or starting energetic exercise routines.

Learn more about Winter Health by treating yourself to Gee’s Healthy Living Kitchen Workshop.

  1. PLANT YOUR DREAMS – Take time sleep and nurture your Dreams. Keep a journal as it aids working through subconscious material. Listen to your intuition, and be guided by your gut instinct when setting goals.

There is still time to rest, dream & plan before the first buds arrive, naturally stirring our energy reservoirs and inviting us to spring into action. By synchronising our actions with the Natural cycles & rhythms we learn to move with the flow rather than against the flow, thereby naturally balancing our lifestyle, and enriching our life experience.

Wishing A Happy & Healthy 2018 to all!

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