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FENG SHUI CONSULTATIONS - 2020 Holistic Health


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Please request a Feng Shui Assessment form after completing your order by emailing info@2020holistichealth.com.

Starting from £500 for a 1-2bed flat, inclusive of life path analysis. After booking, please email the following required information:
– Full Name
– Date of Birth
– Scan of your house and floor plan
– Short description of issue or reason for the Feng Shui consultation

Please request a comprehensive price list for larger projects by email info@2020holistichealth.com.

Free 30 min Skype consultation available to discuss your requirements and how Feng Shui assessment can serve you.

Further details of services available on dedicated site www.fengshuiyogini.com.


BaZi chart or CHINESE HOROSCOPES provide details of your life potential, like a map of your life’s journey. Who you are, your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities over time. The chart provides insight into education, career path, health, wealth, relationships, love, marriage and family. .People usually consult a Chinese astrologer at the beginning of the year to help plan and prepare for opportunities.

For further details please refer to dedicated Feng Shui site www.fengshuiyogini.com.



  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    Though I do not know much about Feng Shui or Numerology, I have Gee’s reading framed and on my refrigerator, so that I see it everyday. What she wrote has made a strong impact on me and it felt that she was writing this only for me, “the door to success is labeled ‘push’ (stop pulling)” Has made me feel more confident in my move back to L.A to pursue my dream of acting in Hollywood films. Also I have always felt the greatest connection to “SOURCE, GOD, THE TRUTH” when I am in the ocean, not knowing that my inner nature was “spring water” according to Gee’s reading. Doesn’t the spring water flow to the river that eventually leads to the vast ocean? I guess that’s why I feel at home when floating in the ocean on my surfboard! Thank you Gee!
    I hope this testimonial brings many smiles and clients!! Love!
    Justin Yoganator Berti

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    Is your home supporting the fulfillment of your mission in life? Or is your home a burden? Are you sleeping well, are you digesting well, are you meditating well, are you making love well, are you calm or anxious!
    Gee’s professional Feng Shui assessment changes your existence. They did change mine and it gets better everyday! Gee guides you to catch the chi of opportunity and live abundantly! (Now married, with a daughter, thriving business and new house in the space of 18 months as a result of Feng Shui)
    I adore you
    Elena Voyce (Teach Yoga, Founder)

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    Following the feng shui assessment in 2016 with Gee, business is productive, clients are satisfied and workforce is happier. As directors pressure has reduced considerably, creating an altogether harmonious environment to work efficiently. Gee is professional, knowledgeable and intuitive – our gratitude for the transformation since applying the science of feng shui.

    Ravi Dooa on behalf of Dooa wholesalers ltd.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    Gee Gahir completed a Feng Shui consultation for us in Summer of 2017. The information she was able to share with us was simple, though profound. It has added harmony and light to our home, a feeling that guests have shared when they visit.

    Rebecca & Salvatore Zambito, Olympia WA, USA
    Yoga Sutras Institute

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    We met Gee on several occasions. During her stay in our hotel in Umbria, Italy, she analysed our hotel by suggesting some simple but incisive interventions to improve a better energy flow, according to the art of Feng Shui. We where suggested to cut a large tree (the tree was already sick) that blocked the energy intake as it was positioned in front of the hotel entrance. Already with this first intervention immediately the hall became brighter, but, according to Feng Shui philosophy, the energy once entered had to move inside to create abundance. The money centre was activated. Gee advised to paint the second entrance a red colour as it was on an auspicious energy line – we created a red-flowered bed. Since applying Feng Shui, we have seen improvements in our business and finances!☺ We feel grateful to Gee, who we believe is a serious professional of the Feng Shui art.
    A big hug, Paola.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    I thought the chart reading I received from Gee was extremely professional. It was extensive and I found the information given was very interesting and helpful. Gee explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I feel everyone could benefit from a reading / forecast. Highly recommended.
    Annie Dorward (Personal Trainer)

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    2020 Holistic Health

    Gee came to my house and provided a feng shui assessment because I was having difficulty selling my house over the last two years, although trying my best. With a few adjustments outside the house at the gate and the main entrance I witnessed, in a few days, people contacting me with interest regarding the apartment just as Gee had forecasted! Sure enough, in October 2016 the contract was signed. I can recommend Gee, she is a very talented and professional in her feng shui assessment.
    Namaste♡ Barbara Savita L.

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